Sunday, October 26, 2008

We have a crib!

Greg and I spent the afternoon putting together the baby's new crib! I'm very excited about it - we love it and we got a great deal on it...always a good thing! Hopefully we can find a dresser and rocking chair or glider that match to go in the room for just as good of a price. We'll see!

It wasn't too complicated to put together. Greg did most of the work while I held pieces up. Riley and Sammy oversaw the entire project and checked out all the pars to make sure they didn't have anything scary hiding inside!

Greg working hard while I take pictures...hey, it's what I'm good at!

Sammy and Riley making sure we're doing a good job.

The finished product! I can't wait to get cute bedding to go inside :)

The "babies" get to try it out! :)


  1. Hi Libby!
    I found your blog via thenest! Cute crib! We just put ours together this past weekend! Isnt this baby stuff a blast!!!? Cute blog! H&H 9 mos!

  2. This is completely random, but I was looking through my archives (trying to find the day Landon started sitting up - blogs are very helpful for going back and filling in the baby book) and saw all the nice and supportive comments you wrote during our bad time many months ago, thank you for that. And because I was already procrastinating at work, I clicked over to your blog and saw your exciting news. Congrats on the baby!

    And the picture of the dogs in the crib is adorable :)