Friday, November 7, 2008

It's a...

...boy!! I'm not sure there's many people reading this who don't already know, but the little person who has taken up residence in me for the last twenty weeks is a boy! It's so nice to know for sure and to be able to say "him" instead of "it."

We had our very long anatomy ultrasound today and it was amazing! We got to see him squirming and kicking and sticking his feet in his mouth (yes, he did that a lot!)...and he wasn't afraid to show off his boy parts ;) We had two technicians in our room first who measured everything for about an hour. Then they left and cardio-thorasic specialist came in and did another entire ultrasound to capture some of the pictures that hadn't come out clearly the first time. He spent about 30 minutes studying the little heart (160 bmp this time - he was so active he got his heart rate up!) and he said everything looks perfect! We got to see all four chambers of his heart, his brain, his kidneys, stomach, bladder, hands, and feet. The second technician that came in said that he was opening and closing his hands, which is great because it means that he more than likely will not have Downs Syndrome.

Here are some pictures from the fun day!

His face (looking straight on) and his foot...getting ready to stick it in his mouth!

His precious tiny feet!

His legs (crossed at the ankles)

His hands (up above his head - he was lounging!)

Yup, he's a boy ;) He made sure we got several good peeks!

The technician who came in last definitely had a sense of humor ;)

This picture of his profile amazes can totally tell that this is the same baby from the 12 weeks profile picture! I can't wait to kiss that sweet little nose :)

We do have a first name picked out, but we're still deciding a middle name. I'll let you know once we have the whole name picked out (hopefully by tomorrow!)

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