Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catching Up

So somehow it's November. Not only November, but the END of November. The past two months have been a blur of photo sessions, editing, and catching a few hours of sleep before I do it all over again. I'm still not even close to done (don't worry - I'm actually working right now...I have a session batching in Photoshop that needs to finish running before I can tweak it), but I wanted to come blog and try to catch up.

My fall bucket list was kind of a flop. I was too busy to make a lot of it happen and some things that we planned on doing didn't happen because the little guy was sick :( We still did a lot though and had a GREAT Halloween. Pictures to come later! So how did we do?

1. Go to a pumpkin patch - Done! And on the way home, Will puked all over. awesome.
2. Go to a RRHS Football game - Not done. See puking incident above.
3. Go on TWO dates with my hubby - Half done...we went to see Total Recall, which I loved.
4. Carve pumpkins - Not done. I bought pumpkins at the beginning of the month and then we never carved them.
5. Trick or Treat! - DONE! We had a blast.
6. Make Halloween cookies - Done! Our friends Christina and Kate came over and we had a great time.
7. Go on a fall picnic on a cool day in October - Done! We ate at Champion Park after digging in the sand.
8. Go to one of the Library Halloween Parties - Not done. Puking incident.
9. Go to the Fall Fun Festival at Old Settlers Park - Done! Will loved it.
10. Make a cute wreath for the front door - Not done...I forgot about a Halloween wreath I bought at Hobby Lobby after Halloween last year, so I skipped this one.
11. Make pumpkin bread - Done. And consumed mostly by the little one, if you can imagine that.
12. Get Starbucks apple cider as a family - Not done, but we have plans to do this.
13. Watch a scary movie - Not done. I chickened out 2 minutes in.
14. Fall photo shoot - Kind of done? We did a bunch of little ones...I'm calling this done.
15. Halloween Party with friends - Not done. Puking. Again.
16. Goblins in the Garden - Not done. Puking. Sigh.
17. Boo at the Zoo - Again, the puking.

Overall, it was a successful fall. I'll have a post up soon (maybe?) on some things I want to do for the Christmas season. I'm going to work really hard on getting into the spirit this year and creating some traditions with our family :)

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