Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a stinker!

Greg was a mischievous child and apparently our baby is already taking after him ;) Just kidding...kind of! Friday was a long day at school. I felt Will moving around a bit in the morning while I was in the shower, but I really didn't feel much after that. I didn't think anything of it since I was on my feet teaching all day and not really paying particular attention to whether or not he was moving.

When I got home from school, I realized that I hadn't felt him in awhile, which seemed odd. So, I decided to keep an eye on it for the rest of the evening. Greg and I ate dinner then I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy on my computer and surfed the internet for awhile, all while paying attention to see if he moved. Well, he didn't - not even a flutter or a kick! I drank some orange juice and laid on my side for 15 minutes (which is what my doctor told me to do if he wasn't moving). He still was stubbornly refusing to move at all and I was getting more and more worried. I called the Labor & Delivery nurse's line and they told me I needed to come on in and get everything checked out. The nurse mentioned that he could just be sleepy or he could have his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck...definitely something that scared me!

Greg and I immediately got in the car and drove to Scott and White. I checked in and got wheeled up to Labor and Delivery. The nurse that was with us was awesome - she was SO nice and friendly with us. I changed into a gown and then they put the monitors on my tummy. Right away we heard his little heart beating away and I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. I asked her if it was normal for them to not move for a long period of time and she said that it wasn't normal exactly, but that it was common. She left me hooked up to the monitors for awhile and sure enough, he started kicking away - right where the monitors were. Apparently he didn't care for them crowding his space! His heartrate fluctuated throughout the 140s, but stayed pretty close to the mid-140s the entire time I was hooked up.

When the nurse brought my discharge papers in, she said, "Well, we'll see you back here in about 10 weeks!" 10 weeks? Really? Is it really that close? My actual due date is a little over 11 weeks away, but my doctor won't stop labor if it happens after 37 weeks. So Will could hypothetically be here in as little as 8 weeks. That is absolutely crazy!!

Yesterday and today, Will has been making up for lost time kicking. He was kicking so hard in the same spot yesterday that I had to get up and walk around - it hurt! But I'm not complaining; I'd much rather him make his presence known.

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