Wednesday, February 11, 2009

33 weeks

Will is still growing away in there! There isn't a whole lot of new things happening this week - mainly just the usual maturing the lungs and gaining baby fat. He should weigh about 4 1/2 pounds this week and his lungs are almost completely mature. Yay! One thing I thought was very interesting is that his pupils will dilate/constrict in response to light. I didn't know enough light would make it in there for this to happen, but I think it's pretty neat! The experts say that by now, he should be getting in his birth position (aka head down)...I'm pretty sure he's flipped back by now because I feel something shoved up under my ribs. Here's to hoping that he is!

I'm still having a lot of contractions and a lot of cramping. It scares me a little bit that he might be coming early...but I'm going to stay on the positive side and say that it's just my body preparing for labor! Sitting down and putting my feet up really helps those go away, though. So I've been coming home and planting myself on the couch with a pillow under my feet :) Greg has been wonderful at taking care of me, helping to make dinner, cleaning up, etc. He's also incredibly understanding as my bedtime inches closer and closer to 8:00...hey growing a baby is exhausting, not to mention teaching some incredibly difficult 5th graders!

No belly picture this week...I'll get one this weekend for next week!

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