Tuesday, February 24, 2009

35 & 35

Wow...Today I'm 35 weeks pregnant and there are 35 days left until Will's due date. How crazy is that?! Very exciting too :) Will's lungs are almost completely developed and if he were to be born this week, he'd have a 99% chance of surviving with no disabilities or setbacks. He'd probably have to stay in the NICU to help his lungs finish developing, but ultimately he'd be alright! He likely weighs more than 5 1/2 pounds - probably pushing about 6 pounds this week. He should be in his birthing position by now...we'll see next week when I go in for my appointment! Hopefully he is head down - my doctor doesn't attempt to deliver breech babies naturally. She says it's too risky and will opt to do a c-section. I'd much rather him cooperate and be a good baby!

I'm feeling much better today, although I'm still coughing and have almost no voice. I went back to school and got (mostly) good reports from my sub, so I'm glad about that too! Hopefully I can keep myself rested and healthy until I go on my maternity leave...I'm running out of sick days quickly!

My baby shower is this weekend and I'm getting soo excited! :) It will be so much fun to get to hang out with good friends and family. Then, the week after that I'll have my baby shower at school. I totally wasn't expecting this since I just started working there, but I'm excited nonetheless! Greg and I are also going to look at some cars this weekend. We've listed the truck for sale and we're hoping to get that sold and an SUV bought before Will gets here. Time is ticking by quickly!

No belly picture this week...I still look sick and am definitely not in the mood to get my picture taken ;)

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