Wednesday, March 4, 2009

36 Weeks

I'm 36 weeks pregnant! Next week I will be considered full term and they will no longer take any measures to stop labor. Everything is coming SO fast!

I had an appointment today and I found out that I've made lots of progress! Hooray! Will is head down and fully engaged (aka in the correct position for a normal delivery). I'm 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. This is great news! She did say that this doesn't necessarily mean anything - you can be dilated for weeks without having anything happening. But it does give me hope that Will will decide to move out on or before his due date. Here's to hoping! :)

In other pregnancy news, I no longer have ankles. I go from foot to calf. And my calves are barely smaller than my knees. The dreaded swelling has hit and let me tell is NOT fun! Thank goodness it's just swelling though. Swelling can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, which is a very serious condition in pregnancy. My blood pressure is completely normal though (122/60) and averaging on the low side of normal. So my doctor really isn't worried about pre-eclampsia, but we'll keep an eye on it.

Two of my friends threw me a baby shower this past weekend and it was SO much fun! :) We got our carseat/stroller and pack 'n play, which we were extremely thankful for! We're also all set on bottles, clothes, blankets, bath stuff, and diapers for those first few weeks. On Sunday, Greg and I went to Target and Babies 'R Us and bought a few more things that we'd be needing in the first month or so. My friend Veronica is an amazing interior desinger and she painted a canvas that matches our bedding and made curtains for us. The nursery is almost completed and it looks awesome! I'll post pictures of it after we get stuff hung up.

Not much new on the baby development front. He weighs about 6 pounds and is losing the fuzzy hair that's been protecting his skin for the past 36 weeks. His lungs will continue to mature, but they're really almost there. The position he's in (head down) is likely to be the postion he stays in for birth...yay Will! :)

And now for my 36ish week tummy picture...this was actually taken before my shower, so I'm just a few days shy of 36 weeks. I don't think I changed that much though!

Only 4 weeks left!!

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  1. yay for making progress in the pregnancy! 2cm and 50% are is really good progress for 36 weeks!! good news! glad Will is preparing for his entry into the world.

    you look adorable, btw!! definitely got that pregnant glow!!

    ps. please tell your mom hi for me next time you talk to her!!