Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still no baby...

Still no baby...but Jen and Travis' wedding is over now and he can come any time he wants. He keeps stretching out and sticking his butt up under my ribs - can we say ouch!? Greg and I have been trying to tell him he'll have more room to stretch out on the outside, but someone is stubborn and not listening right now ;)

I'm SO glad I was able to go to the wedding though. It was beautiful! Someone forgot to pack her camera, so all I have are some really terrible pictures from my point and shoot. Here are the four pictures I managed to take all weekend...kind of sad, isn't it?

The happy couple!

Sorry for the quality (flash didn't fire), but it's me and Jen!

Super blurry, but still cute, picture of me and Greg.

This week is my spring break and I'm SO thankful for the break! I'm really in need of some downtime to relax, get some stuff finished around the house, and be away from my students. I've also got 6-8 weeks worth of sub plans to write, so this will give me a chance to do that too. I won't complain at all if a baby interrupts my relaxing-sub plan writing-to do list finishing time though! I told Greg I'm going to start running again if Will doesn't make his appearance soon...and as uncomfortable as that may be, I might just try it!

Last Tuesday was our second anniversary...I can't believe we've already been married for two years! In some ways it seems like longer. We've had so many MAJOR life changing events - we got married, got Riley, bought a new car, got Sammy, lost my grandma, moved to our house, found out I was having Will, I graduated from college, and I started my new job at Robertson. It's so crazy how much life can change in two short years. It's been wonderful, though :) I'm reminded daily of how much I love my husband when he gives me backrubs for my aching lower back, does the dishes after dinner, and even comes to bed with me at 9:00 just because I want him to! To celebrate our anniversary, we at dinner at the Salt Lick. It was fun to just get out of the house and enjoy dinner together!

T-minus 16 days until my due date! Even if he doesn't come early, 16 days isn't a whole lot of time! Yay!! :)

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  1. i can't get over how cute your belly is. i hope you feel as gorgeous as you are!!

    also, enjoy those date nights while you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!