Monday, March 9, 2009

The Nursery is Finished!

Greg and I finished the nursery this weekend and I am in love with it! I could sit in there all day and look at all the cute things. I love that we got such a great deal on everything and that it is so totally "us."

Standing in the doorway, looking into the room. The scrapbook paper will eventually be replaced with newborn pictures.

View of the room from the doorway. Our good friend Veronica made the amazing canvas and curtains for us!

Crib, mobile from my parents, and the canvas. I love the elephants!

Comfy rocker, bookcase, and the awesome curtains. We eventually want to get sheers to go behind the valence in the window, but that might not happen for awhile ;)

Dresser, changing pad, and the wall letters. I love this part of the room! I bought the circles and letters online and then decopauged scrapbook paper on top of them. It took Greg and I awhile to get them just right, but I'm so proud of the way it turned out.

Close up of the letters :) Love 'em!

Close up of the mobile...I think this is one of my favorite parts of the nursery. It plays a sweet lullaby and I'm sure Will is going to love watching it.

Close up of the bedding. The green parts are all corduroy and the white elephant is a fuzzy microfiber material. I love all the textures!

The newborn and 0-3 months side of the closet. You can see our carseat poking out, the elephant boppy from Target, and all the precious little clothes in there!

In other news, I'll be 37 weeks along tomorrow...officially full term! Yay! :) I had a doctor's appointment today and Will's heartrate was strong in the 130s. He is still definitely head down and I'm still feeling a ton of pressure down low. Dr. Hancock said it could be any time now and to be prepared...we'll see when it actually happens! I really have no idea. Sometimes it seems like it could be happening and other times I feel like he'll never arrive. Either way, it's going to be coming up within the next three weeks! I got all the laundry done this weekend and we packed our hospital bags. It's very weird to think that the two of us will go to the hospital and we'll come home with three. Very surreal and exciting at the same time. I have some amazing friends who are all planning to come visit us in the hospital and are wanting to come help out after he arrives. I feel so blessed to have such a supportive husband, family, and friends!

Here's my 37 week tummy picture...I'm feeling very large (and have very swollen feet), but I know it'll all be worth it once he's here :)


  1. yay! you're so adorable and I LOVE the nursery! i remember sitting in ellie's nursery before she was born and just looking at it and taking it all in! such a great feeling!!!

  2. Libby - I LOVE his nursery. It looks awesome.

  3. Hi! your nursery is so cute! i would love to feature it on my website. if you are interested check out and email me (shari) at
    thanks! shari