Saturday, March 21, 2009

The view from here...

This is my view now-a-days. The swollen feet and belly really complete the picture, don't ya think? Oh, and notice the left side of the belly poking out more than the right side. No, the picture wasn't taken at an odd angle. That's really how the little boy is hanging out most of the time. I have yet to figure out exactly what it is that makes it stick out so much further. The picture is another painful reminder that this baby still has not arrived. Spring break is now over and I'll return to school on Monday, unless he decides to let us meet him tonight or tomorrow...but somehow I kind of doubt that happening! I think he's awfully comfy in there and has absolutely no desire to become an outside baby anytime soon.

Note that the left side of the belly still sticks out more than the right side...Crazy kid!

I've had an incredibly productive spring break and the dogs have really enjoyed me being home! I cleaned the whole house, did every single bit of laundry, got all the last little baby things that we'll be needing once we get home with Will, gone grocery shopping, baked cookies, and started cooking/freezing meals for us to have once Will comes home. The only thing I haven't done? Write lesson plans. The only thing that really NEEDED to be done? The lesson plans. So guess what I'll be doing tonight and tomorrow? Yup. Writing lesson plans. I'm not sure why I'm putting it off so much - it's really not that bad. And maybe once I write them, Will will realize that his mommy is fully prepared for him to come and he'll decide to arrive on his own...we'll see! Here are a few pictures of the cute cookies I made...they were lots of fun and are quickly disappearing!

Last night Will certainly decided to tease us. I took the dogs for a walk before Greg and I went to see Watchmen (very different movie, by the way). I started having contractions that were 5 minutes apart. By the time we finished dinner, they were 6 minutes apart. Then they moved to 10 minutes apart, then 30 minutes apart, and then they stopped about 3/4 of the way through the movie. I was just a tad disappointed! I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to actually believe I'm in labor whenever I actually go into labor. SO many false alarms!

Oh, send some prayers our way tomorrow around 1:00! We've been trying to sell the truck so we can get a more baby friendly vehicle. We haven't had a ton of bites and those that we have had haven't been anything we're interested in. Today, Greg got a call from someone in New Braunfels who is looking to buy a car for his son. He's going to drive up to Austin tomorrow and look at the truck and another car. Say a prayer, cross your fingers, or whatever that he'll love our truck and will buy it!

10 days left...I think I'm changing my vote in the poll to after April 1. That way I won't be disappointed ;)

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  1. Your cookies are awesome! Hope baby decides to make an appearance soon. :)