Tuesday, March 17, 2009

38 weeks

Spring break has been productive so far (although no lesson plan writing - that's on the agenda for tomorrow). I woke up this morning and had this huge burst of energy - I cleaned/mopped the entire kitchen (including bleaching our sinks! They're sparkly now!), vacuumed, picked up the entire house, unpacked from our trip this weekend, and then did all of our laundry. Nesting much? Maybe it's a sign ;) I'm totally kidding - I'm starting to think I'm going to be pregnant forever.

After that, I ate lunch with Veronica and got to ask lots of questions about labor and delivery. It was really fun to see Bryce, who has gotten SO big and SO cute! It definitely made me even more anxious to meet Will than I already was. I think he and Bryce will be great playmates!

Then I took some stuff back to Babies R Us and bought a bouncer seat. I got a great deal on it too. Because they were all out of them, I bought a store model and got 10% off. Combined with the money I got back from returning some toys, I only had to pay $9 for the thing! Next, I went to Target, returned a few more items and bought some wash cloths, burp cloths, and a few other things. I've still got about $20 on a gift card for Target that I'm going do something with after Will gets here :) All in all it was an incredibly productive day!

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment. Hopefully he'll have some good news for me! My regular doctor is out of town for the next week (or possibly two, I can't remember), so I'm seeing another doctor. I actually really, really like him because he's so laid back and easy to talk to. I never feel rushed when I'm in there with him! Last week he demonstrated on me how an epidural would work. I'm still torn as to whether or not I'm going to have one. I think I've decided that I'll labor as long as I can without one - hopefully until I'm at least 6 cm dilated. Then if I need one, I'll get one. Just kind of play it by ear!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant - only 14 more days until my due date! Babycenter.com says that Will weighs about 6.6 pounds now and is over 19 1/2 inches long...we'll see about both of those estimates - I have a feeling he's quite a bit heavier and longer than both of those! His organs have all matured and he's ready for life on the outside. So now all he's doing is cooking away and making his mommy mighty uncomfortable. Especially when he stretches out in there like he's been trying to do lately! He sticks his butt up under my ribs (on the right side) and then pushes outward. It hurts like heck, especially if I'm sitting down!

I'll update tomorrow with news from the doctor. I'm secretly hoping (although not very hopeful) that he'll tell me I'm in labor and admit me to the hospital. Wouldn't that be nice? ;)

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