Friday, March 27, 2009

Focus on the Positive

I wanted to title this post "What's Wrong With People?" because I think I've said that about 15 times today. But I'm also 9 months pregnant, 3 days away from my due date, and incredibly uncomfortable. So I think that I might be just a teensy bit grumpy! Instead of dwelling on what the heck is wrong with the dealership general manager who'd rather back out on a sale than give us an extra key for the car, or the kids that ride skateboards in the middle of the road without getting out of the way of cars, or the people who don't take care of their houses, I'm going to focus on the positives of today.

1. It rained. A lot! Our crepe myrtles in the backyard are starting to get tiny green leaves on them and everything around here is greening up. Plus the bluebonnets are coming out and I'm excited to try to get some shots of Will in them!

2. Things are a-happenin'. That's all I'm going to say about that, because just because I think things are happening the way they SHOULD be happening doesn't mean anything. But I feel significantly different today than I did yesterday (oh, the pressure!) and even though I'm more uncomfortable, it's gotta be a sign that it's getting closer!

3. I had the car today, so I got to do some shopping. I spent some cash at Target and got a couple books at Barnes and Noble. It was SO good to get out of the house!

4. A cold front is coming in tonight. Whether it's statistical or not, there's a wives tale that says that more babies are born when there is a low barometric pressure. Add #2 on top of that one, and I'm crossing my fingers for a 3/28 baby! Although I'd take a 3/29 baby, or even a 3/30 baby. But I'm really, really hoping for the 3/28 baby.

5. Today was Friday. That means in one way or another, Will will be here or be on his way out by next Friday. I can make it seven more days. I might be a little more grumpy and a lot more uncomfortable, but I can make it 7 more days.

6. Will has been moving around a ton lately. I think he's trying to let me get my fix in before he comes. I enjoy it, unless he's trying to break free through my ribs. I do not enjoy that one single bit.

I think that's all the positive I have in me right now. I didn't sleep well at all last night which makes the 9 month pregnant, 3 days from her due date, incredibly uncomfortable pregnant lady even more grumpy. I'm definitely taking the Benadryl tonight!

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