Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I'll Miss About Pregnancy

I'm getting SO ready to have an outside baby...although I'm more ready on the inside than I am on the outside. The mountain of laundry in our laundry room and the unpacked hospital bags definitely need to get fixed this weekend ;) I've had a relatively easy big complications and it's gone by super fast. But I wouldn't consider myself one of those women who LOVE being pregnant...I'm much more in love with the outcome of my pregnancy! :) I can easily make a list of all the things I won't miss about being pregnant - the swelling, the stretch marks, the peeing every hour, the backaches, etc. But there are some things I'll miss once Will is in my arms.

1. Feeling him move. I love guessing what body parts I'm feeling and I love his daily hiccups (as long as they don't last for 30 minutes!) It will be so weird to not feel him moving in my tummy all the time after he's born!

2. Feeling connected to him. I know that this is the closest I'll ever be to him, physically and emotionally. From here on out he's going to be growing into his own person, and though I'll always be his mommy, I'll never be this close to him again. Kind of bittersweet!

3. Feeling like I'm part of a special club. Everywhere I go, I get smiles and questions about my due date, etc. I don't usually like being the center of attention, but I'll miss this attention afterward. Of course Will will probably get all the attention then! :)

4. Imagining what he'll look like. Okay, so actually seeing him for the first time will be pretty great too, but I love trying to imagine what features of mine he'll have and what features of Greg he'll have!

5. Dreaming of all the things he'll get to do. This goes along the same lines as number 4, but I have so many dreams of what the future with him will be like. I can see flashes of him playing little league baseball, losing his first tooth, his first day of kindergarten, rough-housing with Greg, snuggling and reading books before bedtime, and even his wedding day. I'm sure those dreams won't stop once he's here, but dreaming about all the possibilities is so special to me.

6. Praying for the person he will be. This won't stop either, but I started praying for him once I found out I was pregnant. I pray for the type of person he will be and that God will give him a great compassion for others and a passion for God's work. I can't wait to see the amazing guy he turns into and to watch him grow up.

Thinking about it that way, being pregnant hasn't been so bad :) I might even kind of miss it once he's here!

Oh, vote in the poll of when you think Will might come! I have good reason to believe that I'm further dilated and/or effaced than I was on Wednesday (though I'll spare you the details!). I haven't been having any more contractions than normal, but I have had a lot of pressure from his head. I'm hoping he comes this weekend or during spring break - he needs to stay put wherever he is next week though - Jen's wedding is coming and I'm her matron of honor!


  1. what a sweet post. as my pregnancy with ellie neared the end, i was so afraid i would miss being pregnant (mainly feeling her move all the time) -- i am one of those people that love being pregnant. but honestly, once the baby is in your arms, you don't even think about it. (at least I didn't) that is, until my 2nd pregnancy and the first time i felt this baby move--then i remembered what i'd been missing this whole time. :-)

    good luck and i hope he stays put until he's supposed to.

    unfortunately, from your comment about the pressure and the fact that you are already dilated and effaced so much, my vote is that he is coming SOON! the first time i felt that intense pressure with ellie was the night before her due date, and incidentally, also the night before she came into the world. :-)

  2. I'll be surprised if you make the Dallas trip, Libby! My vote is on or before March 14th! :) Can't wait to hear all about it!