Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Will,

Hi sweet little boy. I wanted to write just to you today because your time to snuggle up inside me is quickly coming to a close. I can't believe that in just 7 short weeks, you'll be here to snuggle in my arms. The past 8 months since your daddy and I found out about you have gone by so quickly!

You have a personality all your own and I cannot wait to see that personality in your smiles, giggles, surprise, wonder, and laughter. You love to wiggle when I get still and you love it when I lay down at night. You kick and squirm and I imagine that you're settling in and getting comfy for a goodnight sleep. You are very responsive to your mommy and daddy's touches. Today, I was walking down the hall and you started poking on my tummy from the inside. I put my hand over where you were poking and you got very still for a moment. Then you started an all out punching war on the place where my hand was. It made me smile - it was almost as if you were saying hi!

I look at your pictures from our ultrasounds almost every day and I can't wait to see what you look like. Your little nose looks like it is perfect for kisses and in your last pictures, we could see you getting some chubby little cheeks! I wonder what color your hair and eyes will be, if you'll have my chin or your daddy's wavy hair. Whatever you have, it will be perfect. When we were choosing your name, we looked closely at the meaning of it. Your first name means "protector." Your middle name, though, means "gift from God." And a gift you truly are. He picked you out especially for us and it makes me smile to think of you hanging out in Heaven with Jesus waiting to come into our lives.

You are very special to us and you are very, very loved. We'll see you in 7 weeks!


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