Thursday, April 30, 2009

One-Month Old

I still can't believe I have a one-month old! Time goes by so fast. Here's the rest of the pictures from his one-month photo shoot...too bad it didn't tire him out like is one-week photo shoot did. He was up all night again last night :( I'm not sure if the reflux medicine isn't working or if he just had a bad night. We shall see tonight!

(This one seriously cracks me up...check out that belly!)

Not from yesterday, but I love it. The blanket is called the Miracle Blanket and it is a miracle! :)

Let me know which your faves are!


  1. It would be very hard to choose a favorite - they are all so precious!!! You are doing a fantastic job recording the days and weeks of Will! I love reading your blog - you make me feel like I'm there! :)