Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poor Boy

Will has acid reflux. We've thought something was up for awhile - he gets fussy right after eating, he spits up a ton, he pulls his knees into his tummy and arches his back, he fusses if he's laid down flat, etc...Yesterday we went to the doctor to get his belly button checked out (it was oozing some stuff, but everything looks fine), and I mentioned to the doctor that he's been really fussy and seems uncomfortable at night. Our conversation went like this:

DR: How do you know he's uncomfortable?
ME: Well, he cried from 12am-6am last night. And he pulls his knees into his chest and screams.
DR: -chuckles- Wow, 12-6? I bet your tired.
ME: You have no idea.

He gave us some Prevacid to try with Will to see if it'll neutralize the acids in his stomach. It won't stop the spitting up, but it will keep it from being painful when he does spit up. Unfortunately for me, the Prevacid takes 3-5 days to see results. I could tell it helped a little last night, but I was still up with him from 1am-5am last night...Greg stayed up for awhile too, but he had to go to work today, so I told him to go to bed. Today has been rough too - if I can get him to sleep (and that's a BIG if, he's been fighting it a lot lately), he'll stop crying...but unless he's eating or sleeping, he's been crying all day. And it's a poor, pathetic little cry :( Nothing I do seems to make it better and I feel so bad knowing he's hurting and knowing that I can't help.

So send some thoughts and prayers our way...All three of us are just plain exhausted (actually, Sammy and Riley are too!) and poor Will is in pain, which is just awful. We're crossing our fingers that the medicine works and Will will be feeling better in no time!

Edit: In my tired stupor, I forgot to add our great news! Greg and I got a house :) Not the short sale, but a different one in a great neighborhood. I'll add details later - off to try to nap now.

Edit #2: (I swear, I am going to go nap) Will now weighs 9 pounds 13.5 ounces! He's really doing great on his weight gain - that's a pound in 11 days. They didn't measure him, but I suspect he's grown a little length wise too.


  1. ohhh, sweet girl! i bet that Will will be feeling much much better soon! :0) believe it! I hope that you got that nap that you wanted!

    Congratulations on a house!!!!!! i can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. That's awesome! I'm glad Will's getting some relief, and in turn you can get a little bit of sleep...and that is terrific weight gain! Congratulations on the house! We're thinking we'll start looking this fall. Did you use a realtor?