Friday, April 10, 2009

Tough Guy

Will had his two week check up today! He's doing fantastically and he's such a tough little guy...he didn't even cry when they pricked his heel to do the second part of his newborn screening. He did pee on me though. All over my shirt - little stinker! I'm going to have to put a "mommy shirt" in the diaper bag just in case he does that again!

He's grown an inch in two is that even possible? He doesn't seem bigger than he was two weeks ago but he's grown a whole inch! He's also gained back all of his birth weight and even put on an ounce - yay Will! Here's how he measures up to other newborns...

90% percentile for height (22 inches long)
50% percentile for weight (8lbs 13oz)
25-50% percentile for head circumference

So far we've got a long, lean little guy. Just like his Daddy! He had a huge day today and was awake for nearly 3 1/2 hours this morning before and during his doctor's appointment. He soaked up every ounce of everything in the room. He then crashed for the rest of the day (along with his Mommy once we got home) and was wide-eyed in time for Daddy to get home and spend some time with him. He gets more alert and responsive every day - it's been a lot of fun to watch him learn about the things around him!

Wish us luck - we're looking at some houses tomorrow. Hopefully something will stand out! And I'm sorry I haven't been posting pictures - I have a ton on my camera that just need to be put onto the computer. That will be my goal for the weekend.

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