Thursday, September 8, 2011

"The Jungle Place"

Safari Champ, or "The Jungle Place" as Will calls it, has quickly become one of our most frequented play places. He absolutely LOVES going and climbing, jumping, and sliding and will stay there for hours. He likes it the most if I go up and play with him, but if we're on a playdate, he'll gladly play with his friends by himself.

Today we met up with my friend Christina and her little girl Kate, who is just a few months younger than Will. He and Kate had so much fun together! We also ran into a friend I haven't seen in awhile, so it was great to  catch up with everyone. Christina and Kate had to leave a little early to get lunch, so Will and I played for another hour or so and I had so much fun with him! He's still too scared to slide down any of the slides by himself, but he will sit on one slide while I sit on the slide next to it and hold his hand on the way down. I honestly haven't had that much fun playing with him in awhile - it was so great to forget about everything and just enjoy my two-year-old and see things the way he does for awhile :) In fact, I was having so much fun that I didn't take one single picture - my phone stayed in my bag pretty much the entire time! So instead here are some (horrible) iPhone pictures from when we were there last week.

Afterward, we grabbed some lunch and headed over to Lamb's to get our oil changed. Will was great and I was really proud of how well-behaved he was, especially since it was well past his naptime. Me on the otherhand? Not so much. I ate so much not-on-plan food and I feel really gross now. That was definitely my cheat meal for the week and I do not feel good about it, because it was unplanned and a little of this, little of that. I'm still not really sure why I caved - I'd run out of my packed food, but I wasn't starving or anything. "One bite" just escalated into eating a bunch of Will's leftover food, a few handfuls of M&Ms and some sugary coffee. Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day!!

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  1. We had such a good time! We'll have to go again soon. :)