Thursday, September 1, 2011

She's crazy!

As most of you are aware, we adopted a dog, Mikko, over Fourth of July weekend. We named her Mikko after Mikko Salo, who won the 2009 Crossfit Games. She's my running buddy, so an athletic name just seemed to fit.

What we didn't realize when we adopted her was that a) she's not even a year old yet and b) she's CRAZY. She escapes our backyard weekly
(sometimes daily; sometimes multiple times a day) and she needs more exercise than I ever thought possible. But all that aside she is a wonderful dog and we absolutely love her to death. She makes me laugh every single day with how crazy she is.

Like this morning, for instance. I got home from the gym and was super sweaty, thanks to the Stair Master. I was freezing instantly when I got in our house since it's approximately 112* outside at 7:00am and our air conditioning runs non-stop throughout the day. So even though I wasn't showering, I took off my sweaty clothes, put on dry ones, and then sorted laundry to do later today...while heating up my protein pancakes, I hear Mikko banging around in the bathroom. I went to inspect because she's usually up to no good, and this is how I found her:


Yes, that would be my bright pink Nike sports bra wrapped around her body. I have no idea how she got this on herself or why she decided that she needed to roll around in my wet, stinky clothes, but it sure gave me a good laugh! You can't see it from this angle, but she has her left paw through the strap! Crazy dog!

Will and I took a trip to the library late this morning and then swung by Promise Pizza on our way home to get him some lunch. I was incredibly tempted to have just a bite, but I knew that "just a bite" would never be just a I skipped it and had some chicken, green beans, and a sweet potato instead. Better than pizza? Um, no. But it does put me one step closer to my goals!

The rest of our afternoon was super lazy. I was exhausted from my early morning workout, so I took a quick nap with him this afternoon, cleaned up the kitchen and straightened up the house before Greg got home. That laundry I sorted this morning? Yeah, it's still not done ;) That's the way it works when you have a 2-year-old that demands that you play with him! I take the 2-year-old over laundry any day!

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  1. Look at that face!!! Who could resist a look like that? :)