Friday, December 9, 2011

December Daily - Day 9

Tonight we went to the Round Rock Christmas Family Night and had so much fun! It was chilly and a little bit windy and totally felt like Christmas :) We took pictures in front of the big tree, watched some bands play Christmas songs, saw Frosty the snowman, watched the horse drawn carriages, saw baby Jesus (and "Mawy, Jesus' mommy and Joseph, Jesus' daddy and angel!"), and even sat on Santa's lap! It was so much fun to spend good, quality time together as a family...I've really missed that the past few months - I've been so busy working that we really haven't gotten to.

Will was so excited to sit on Santa's lap! It was a night and day difference from last year. I wasn't sure if he'd actually do it once we got up there, but he walked right up to Santa, and proudly sat on his lap, posed for several pictures, and even got a candy cane at the end! On our way home, he kept reciting a list of all the fun things we did tonight...I have a sneaking suspicion that he had a wonderful evening :)

Again, picture overload...too many favorites not to share!

Drums and singing are pretty hard to compete with!

He loved the Amy's Ice Cream cow!

Hitting Daddy on the head with the balloon is all kinds of fun!

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  1. SO TOTALLY AWESOME!! I love these, Libby! You all are so beautiful! :)