Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily

Christina brought this little thing called December Daily to my attention a couple weeks ago when we were hanging out. You're supposed to take a photo a day in December and make a scrapbook out of it. There's no way in the world I'll get around to making the scrapbook, but a photo a day? I can do that. I think. ;) I know what you're thinking - I *still* haven't posted photos from Halloween or the carnival we went to, or a couple other events that I'm sure are sitting on memory cards just waiting for a chance to be blogged. But if I wait until I blog those to post about the events in December...well...let's just say Will might be graduated from college by the time I get all caught up!!

Tonight I took him out to get some shots for our cards. I think I may have captured one or two to put on them (yay!) but I also got a lot of sweet outtakes. So here's a few from that. Is it just me, or did he turn from toddler to boy overnight? *tear*

(click to enlarge!)

This is *so* very him right now!

I am very much not opposed to bribery, as long as it gets me cute photos :)

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  1. ohhhhh Lib'... he is starting to lose his 'baby' look and gain his 'boy' look... bittersweet I know... xoxox