Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear Will,

You're three months old today, baby boy! We've had you in our lives for three amazing months...a quarter of a year. And my, has it gone by fast. Looking back at your newborn pictures, I can hardly believe that you were so little once! You've changed in huge ways and your little personality is really starting to show through. You smile more and more every day, you babble non-stop, and you love to squeal. I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I get to be your Mommy...such a wonderful job that I love with all my heart!

At three months, you've already gone through your first big transition in life...a move to a new house! You've started sleeping in your crib during naps, but Mommy just isn't ready for you to be so far away at night. It's reassuring to hear your steady little breaths and sighs in the middle of the night, to know that you're okay and that you're safe. You've developed a love for your paci. You liked it okay before, but you're just a little obsessive about it now. You just transitioned to a new paci too, and I must admit, putting away the Soothies that you started using in the hospital was a little bit sad for me. I love to see you grow and change, but I wish I could hold on to each moment with you so small for longer.

I'm not looking forward to the day where I'll have to pack up all your 0-3 month clothes, though I know that day is coming soon! They get more snug on you by the day and your 3-6 month clothes aren't as gigantic as they were a few weeks ago. You're still wearing size 2 diapers and you go through more of those in a day than I ever thought possible! :) Your favorite things are your activity mat (you now can grab the animals hanging from it and you quickly stuff them in your mouth), story time (you particularly love reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Armadillo Tattle Tale), and standing up. You still aren't a huge fan of the carseat (though you are getting better) or tummy time (you still pitch a fit after a few minutes on your tummy), even though you'd much prefer sleeping on your tummy to your back. You're getting close to rolling from back to tummy - you pull your feet up in the air and rock back and forth. You love watching the dogs play and even though I hate it, you love to watch the TV. We're starting to see your social side come out a little too. You love seeing other babies - you're mesmerized by them! You stare for awhile and eventually start to talk and babble to them...having your own little conversation, I suppose.

As we see your personality develop more and more, your Daddy and I are realizing that you got just a touch of your Mommy's stubbornness. You voice your opinion about things loudly and make sure that we know just how you feel. If I try to give you a bottle and you want to nurse, you will have nothing to do with the bottle. I usually end up giving in ;) Or if we try to put you down for a nap and you want to talk, you'll have nothing to do with napping. Coming from your very hard-headed Mommy, being stubborn isn't a bad thing. I think it's actually a compliment to be called stubborn. It means that you don't settle - you fight for what you want and deserve. That fight and that drive will get you places in life. I hope that you're stubborn for God, that you don't settle and become complacent in your relationship with Him. I hope that you're stubborn for His Kingdom and that you fight for salvation for the world. I hope that you're stubborn when you're looking for the woman that you'll marry because you deserve to be with the person God put on Earth for you. You, little man, can change the world. You are a strong child of God and He has a purpose for your life...don't ever forget that!

I love you with all my heart, Will.


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