Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorta Crunchy

Before Will came along, I was not so concerned about things like all-natural cleaning products, organic food, and green living. But since he's been here I've gone a little crazy. Okay, not really crazy, but definitely a little crunchy. I'm all for exclusively breast-feeding, baby-wearing, baby-food making, and no-cry sleep solutions. I don't cloth diaper or co-sleep, but I'm supportive of those who do. Definitely leaning towards the little-bit-crunchy side and heading there more and more lately!

My most recent crunchy-ness comes in the form of vaccinations. Vaccines have been in the news for how long now? I know I was reading about them well before Greg and I got married...but I didn't really give a second thought to them. I mean, how did it effect me if the MMR caused Autism or not? But now that it's my baby who's about to get stuck, I definitely care. I've spent the last week studying and researching vaccines. Imagine my shock when I found out that at Will's 2 month appointment he'd be due for SIX vaccinations...SIX! In his tiny, two-month new little body. I was a little disgusted, to put it nicely. How could six vaccines at once invading his little body possibly be healthy? That started my obsession research with vaccinations.

I found Dr. Sears and after many late nights researching have decided to place Will on an alternate vaccination schedule. He will get no more than two vaccines at each appointment and I'm still considering opting out of some vaccines altogether, like the Chickenpox vaccine. (I found out tonight that you can do this and still have your child go to public school). Here's what his schedule looks like. I basically followed Dr. Sears' schedule with a few modifications. I'm still undecided on what to do with the MMR. Right now it's not being offered split into three different vaccines, but it should be again in 2011. As it gets closer to the time he'll need it I'll reevaluate. And I have even more love for our pediatrician now...he's totally on-board with Alternate Vaccination Schedules as long as the parents have done their research...Go Dr. Travis!

2 months - DTaP, RV
3 months - PCV, HIB
4 months - DTaP, RV
5 months - PCV, HIB
6 months - DTaP, RV
7 months - Flu (2 doses)
8 months - PCV, HIB
9 months - IPV
12 months - IPV
15 months - PCV, HIB
18 months - DTaP, Varicella (may opt out)
2 years - IPV
2 years, 6 months - Hep B, Hep A
3 years - MMR (may split)
3 years, 2 months - Hep B
3 years, 6 months - Hep B, Hep A
4 years - DTaP, IPV
5 years - MMR (may get blood test to determine immunity; if immune, will not get booster)
6 years - Varicella (may opt out)
12 years - Tdap
13 years - Meningococcal

I have a precious video of Will that I'm going to post later, but my camera battery is dead. I'll post it tomorrow :) The best news of the week? Tomorrow is the LAST day of school! I've gotta go on Thursday, but after that I'm officially a stay-at-home mama. How exciting and relieving is that? I get to stay at home with my baby! I get to raise him, teach him, watch him, praise him, discipline him, laugh with him, cuddle with him, kiss him, hug him, talk with him, grow with him, learn with him, and love him all day long. God is seriously too good to me :)


  1. I am so with you on the vaccines thing. Thanks for posting about alternative schedules. I know I am no were near having a baby, but I am always interested in new information. And I do not believe that 6 vacines at one time is healthy for anybody, let alone a tinny little baby.

    Is the research still inconclusive about MR causing Autism?

  2. Your tone echoes my views. Thank you for posting this. I am 9 months pregnant and have my first consultation with ped. #1. I will ask her about this.