Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Week in Pictures

Will and I had several more photoshoots this week. I think my kid is already developing PCS (Photographer's Child Syndrome)...he'll hardly look at me when I have that darn thing in my hands! I thought I'd get at least a year of him looking at the camera. Oh well!

I brought out trusty 'ol Mr. Bear for some comparison shots. Think the little stinker has grown at all? Geeze! What happened to my newborn?! (Sorry Mom, the Bear still doesn't have a name. I think he's doomed to be Mr. Bear forever...but he's definitely not a Bill! [or whatever it was that you guys named him for me ;)])

...must not look at the crazy Mama with the camera!

This face gets made a lot in our house :)

Finally got a little eye contact and a smile! Hooray!

Will thought Mr. Bear needed a little hug

Will and I went to a playgroup with a bunch of other babies his age. We both had a great time, but Mommy didn't take any pictures. It's so fun to watch him interact with babies his age...he loves them! He'll talk, smile, and stare at them for a loong time. It's so fun to watch!

God is blessing us SO much...and I am SO grateful for it! We had a two couples come over with their children to check out our place and meet us to see if they'd like me to watch their kids. The first couple has a five month old daughter and they're definitely going to have me watch her...she starts on July 13th! I'm incredibly excited - it's going to be so much fun to watch her and be able to be home with Will all day long. The second couple has a son who is just a few days younger than Will. They're still deciding on things, since his Mama doesn't have to go back to work until August...but I'm hopeful that they'll decide to let me watch their little guy too...I think the three babies would have a great time together and I would be in Heaven watching all of them! :) God is doing some great things over here and I'm so, so thankful that he's blessing us and letting me stay home with Will.

I was looking through pictures and realized I hardly had any shots of Will and Greg together, especially not lately. So even though Will was being a fuss-budget, I got the camera and got some adorable pictures. They're not technically the best, but they'll always hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes it's hard being a photographer and looking past the "bad" parts of a picture and realizing that any picture that captures your family as they are is a good picture.

I love those blue eyes and those pouty lips!

Starting to fuss for Mommy

This one just makes me smile!

Today Will and I joined some ladies I met at the playgroup for Baby Day at the Alamo Drafthouse. We saw The Proposal (second time for me) and I loved it! It's definitely my kind of movie! Afterward, Will and stopped by Greg's office to say hi and then went over to a consignment shop and got him a swimming suit, a few pairs of shorts, and an Exersaucer. The Exersaucer is a HUGE hit! He's not quite big enough for it yet and has to be propped up with blankets, but he loves being able to sit on his own and loves being able to reach for the toys.

We are so, so richly blessed. Sometimes I'm blown away with how lucky I am...I have an amazing husband, a wonderful baby that I adore, a gorgeous house, and a job that I love. Life certainly couldn't get anymore blessed and amazing.

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