Friday, June 19, 2009

(Half of a) Day in Our House

Yesterday I set out with hopes of capturing our entire day from start to finish. I only managed to make it to his afternoon nap (a trip to Half-Price Books and an incredibly fussy baby prevented the rest of the day from being shot), but I'm in love with the pictures I got. They're so him and just looking at them makes me smile. Enjoy!

He sits in his swing every morning for awhile as I feed the dogs and make my breakfast. Sometimes he'll talk away while he's in there and other times he'll fall asleep.

There was no falling asleep this morning, though! He was all smiles.

We don't always go outside after breakfast, but it was nice outside, so I put a blanket down in the backyard and we had tummy time out there. He was much more tolerant of it outside!

Riley enjoyed tummy time too. (Sammy did as well - she was off killing cicadas in the corner of the yard and then bringing them to me. Insert disgusted look here.)

I love his feet. They're so kissable! He thinks it's absolutely hilarious when I sniff them and then say in a high pitched voice, "Peee-U! Stinky feet!" He giggles and smiles huge and it is absolutely adorable.

I've been wanting to get a shot of his legs for awhile...They're not so chubby, but oh-so-soft.

He's completely fascinated by his hands and feet lately. You can see the wheels turning in his head as he moves them and watches them.

He talks a lot. He loves saying "aaa goooo" and has even started repeating me when I say it to him. Every once in awhile you'll catch him saying "aaa gukkk" and if he's feeling incredibly excited, he'll let out a high pitched squeal or two.

He's started blowing bubbles all the time lately. And drooling. Combined with the spitting up that he's always done, we've started wearing lots of bibs, even though Mommy thinks they look kind of silly.

Afternoon naps happen in a variety of places. They usually start in the crib and migrate somewhere else when he wakes up crying after a few minutes of sleep. (Most of the time they end up being taken on Mommy...she doesn't mind too much ;))

And that's half a day with us :) Could life be any better?


  1. Libby he is sooo adorable! Great pics :)

    Kinley's favorite word is agoo as well, if I say it she smiles and repeats it, one of my favorite moments :)

    Hope to get to meet you and will at this weeks newborn gtg!

  2. awww love these! you should a day in the life of more often! :-)

  3. You're right, life doesn't get any better, Libby! i'm glad you are enjoying him so much! Wish all babies were as loved as Will is! :)