Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Will,

Today you are two months old, baby boy! Time with you has gone by too fast...I can't even remember what life was like before you. You have changed me so much in two months, sweet boy. So much for the better. I knew you would change me, but I didn't realize what a dramatic, wonderful change that would be. You're laying across my lap right now, sound asleep with your little mouth hanging open. Your Daddy says that I sleep exactly the same way and it makes me smile to see how much you take after both of us. Even silly little things like the way we sleep is similar!

You have started giggling in the last couple weeks and it gets me every time! Your Daddy and I know just how to make you smile anymore and I can't get enough of it. You are so cute, little man! But that giggle...oh boy. I'm going to be in trouble when you get older. I can't resist those eyes or that giggle. I love the way your entire face lights up when you smile. I love that you find joy in high pitched voices, ceiling fans, and your Daddy blowing raspberries in your face. You are becoming more and more independent every day. You hold your head up very well - it never falls backwards anymore and most of the time you can catch it if it starts to fall forwards. You love sitting on my lap facing out so you can see everything. You are so curious and inquisitive about the world around you. I have a feeling you are going to be into everything when you get older so you can see how things work! If we put you up on our shoulder, you usually push away so you can look around.

The past week has been really hard on me. I had to go back to work to finish up the school year and I have missed you so much. I get home and I just stare at you and try to soak you in. Your smell, your perfect, tiny nose, your adorable lips, your bright blue eyes. I don't get nearly enough of you when I'm gone all day. I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunity to stay home with you while you're little...I can't imagine having to leave you every day!

You're probably weighing in close to 12 1/2 pounds now...when did you get so big? You've moved into size two diapers and are fitting solidly into 0-3 month clothes. I doubt you'll fit in most of them for too much longer. I'm trying to savor each of your precious tiny outfits because I know that I might not ever get to see you wearing them again. You love to nurse with one arm up by your head. You have perfected the pouty face and can pull the corners of your lips down more than I ever thought possible! (That face gets me every time too!) You're consistently sleeping through the night, usually 7 or 8 hours at a time. You still hate your carseat and scream like there's no tomorrow every time you get in it. You love bathtime, being swaddled in the Miracle blanket, the Moby Wrap, your paci, and being outside. In the past few weeks you've started to reach and grab for things...and anytime you do manage to get ahold of something, it goes straight for your mouth! You love laying on your changing table and talking to your Mommy and Daddy.

I hope you know how much you are loved, Will. I didn't know my heart was capable of such powerful emotions. I usually am not the type of person who is lost for words, but when I try to express my intense love for you, words fail me. All I know to say is my cup runneth over. I have more joy and love than I ever thought to ask for. My life is overflowing...and I love it. I love you :)

God has blessed us so richly with you, Will!


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