Saturday, May 16, 2009

7 Weeks

My baby is getting so big! He's seven weeks old weeks sounds so old, so grown up, more baby and not newborn. But it still seems like yesterday that I was meeting him for the first time. (Are you sick of me saying that yet?! haha!)

Today was my first day to be away from Will for a long time. I had a wedding from 10:30-4 today and while I had a ton of fun shooting, I missed him so much! Will and Greg had tons of fun hanging out at home, though. He napped forever with him...I think Greg is going to stop believing me when i tell him that Will is usually a terrible napper ;) They slept from like 11-1:30! I'm glad they got to hang out all day and get some bonding time in!

Will has been changing so much. He smiles at us pretty regularly now. I LOVE his little grin. So, so precious. The other night he woke up at 5:30am and I was feeding him and he pulled away and gave me the hugest, gummiest grin ever. And even though I know you're not supposed to talk or have much interaction with them in the middle of the night (since we're trying to promote the whole sleeping at night thing), I couldn't help but grin back. We sat there for a good five minutes smiling at each other...It is something I won't ever forget! He's also begun "talking" to us a lot more. He's still pretty quiet, though. He likes to study things and take every single detail in. And just this week, he started rolling up onto his side for a second or two at a time. I don't think it'll be much longer before he rolls from tummy to back - he's getting really close! I didn't want to mention it before, but he's consistently been sleeping for 6 hours a night! If we get him in bed by 9, he sleeps until 3. Usually though, bedtime is closer to 11 (have I mentioned how everything takes twice as long with a baby around?) and he doesn't get up again until 5. I'm feeling so much more rested and less sleep deprived these's wonderful!

The photography stuff is going really well...I've had lots of inquiries and people who have said they want to book a session with me. Keep the prayers coming - I'm so excited about how everything is playing out :)

Here are some pictures of Will from this week. Remember the bear picture from his first day home? Check out how much he's grown! (By the way, he almost has grown out of his coming home outfit...*sad Mommy face here*)

Playtime on his mat

...not so sure how he's feeling about playtime anymore.

He's done!

But mean 'ol Mom keeps taking pictures anyway!

Mom, what is this bear doing in the chair next to me?

Mom, this bear is totally crowding me!

Seriously, Mom. Get him off!

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