Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching Up

Last Friday, Greg and I had our first "date night." My parents watched Will and we went to see Wolverine at the movie theater. We had a really good time, but man, it was weird being away from him! I missed him so much, even though I knew he was being loved and well taken care of with my mom and dad. I told Greg it was a good thing we were at a movie where I could focus my attention on something other than how much I missed my baby. I have two more weeks left of my maternity leave before I have to return to school to finish up the last 8 days of the year. Can I just say right now how much I'm dreading this? My Aunt is coming to stay with Will for part of the time and I'm SO excited to see her and so glad that she's staying with Will...but there is not anything in this world that could make me want to go back to work for those 8 days. Sigh...I'm going to be a mess, I can already tell! It just makes me even more thankful that I'm going to get to stay home with him :)

Then on Saturday, we headed out to the Round Rock Amphitheater to see our good friend Justin and his band, The Justin Cofield Band, play a benefit concert. We got to see a ton of people from our old church and we had SO much fun! It was the first time that Will had been outside for any significant amount of time and he loved it. He was so alert all night. He also loved the music. My mom was holding him and she said she could feel his chest vibrating as he "sang" along...I'm not sure he was really singing, but I do know that he enjoyed it! ;) I think he's going to be our music baby - he's loved music ever since he was in my tummy. At one point during the concert, he started to get a little bit fussy. But when Justin and the guys started playing again, he hushed up right away! I got asked two questions over and over by our friends that we saw there...the first was if I was breastfeeding and how it was going (yes I am, and it's going really well!) and the second was if I was going to be returning to work. Every time I said that I wasn't going to be, I got told what an awesome decision that was and that God was going to bless us for that. It really makes me feel good to know how much other believers value investing in your family. I know that we'll have people praying for us and I know that God will take care of us. We may not have all the toys and material things that others have (and that at times we may want), but we will always be fed, clothed, and loved. And in the end, that's all that matters. After the concert we bathed Will, I fed him, and then he was out for the count! He slept for 6 1/2 hours was amazing! He hasn't repeated that performance since then, but it does give me hope that one day the kid will learn how to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time! :)

Will has been going through a growth spurt the past few days. He's been eating non-stop - literally every hour to hour and a half pretty much around the clock. It's been an exhausting few days, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Supposedly after growth spurts end, they're followed by lots of sleeping...we'll see! He's outgrown several of his newborn outfits now (I think only one or two still fit him) and is fitting in 0-3 month stuff pretty solidly. I have a feeling that he's not going to fit in 0-3 month clothing for another month and a half! He's also losing a LOT of his hair...and it's being replaced by hair that's a lot lighter. I'm not sure I'd call it blonde, but it's definitely not as dark as we thought it was. His eyes are lightening up every day and I really, really hope they stay blue. They're such a pretty shade! He's been off his reflux medicine since Friday and I can definitely tell a difference in him, at nighttime especially.

So all is well in the Johnson household. I can't believe my baby will be six weeks old on Saturday!

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