Monday, May 11, 2009

Secret Smiles and Tub Baths

Will is having a fussy day today. It's almost like he's going through another growth spurt...although I know that can't possibly be right since he had one just a week or two ago! But he's wanted to eat nonstop today...Greg got home and he nursed all evening long. We had a really fussy stretch before he finally passed out from exhaustion. I hated to wake him up a couple hours later, but he needed a bath. To make it better for him, I decided to give him a bath in our tub (instead of the sink) and get in there with him. He loved it! We soaked for awhile before he pooped in the tub and everything had to be drained, rinsed, and scrubbed down before we could finish the bath. I think he's going to be a little water baby - he really enjoys floating (with help, of course!) in the water.

He's started giving us secret little smiles too. He rewards my mom with huge grins all the time, but he has yet to do that for Greg or me. We must be boring or something ;) But when we get him in a really good mood where he's not studying every detail of the room, we can sometimes coax a smile out of him...and that gummy little grin makes my heart melt! He was eating today and pulled away, looked me in the eyes, and grinned. I have no idea why or what I did to deserve it, but it was precious! He's started rolling up onto his side during tummy won't be too long before he rolls from tummy to back, I think. He only does it when he's really frustrated and about ready to be finished with tummy time ;)

Tomorrow I go in for my 6-week post-partum appointment at my OB/GYNs office. Hopefully everything has healed the way it should and I can start really exercising again. I can't wait! I'm so ready to lose the rest of the baby weight and get my body back in shape. It's been a good five or six months since I've really been able to work out and I miss it a lot. I've got some big news coming in the next couple of days...I've just got to get a few more things together before the big reveal. I'm super excited about it, though!

Hopefully I can catch a smile on camera soon and share it with you all!

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  1. How cute! Gummy grins are the best. :) I've been wanting to try a bath together, but was worried about having to drain the tub at least once, lol. Did you hold him against your knees facing you? I'm trying to figure out the best way to try.