Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Park

Yesterday after my morning session, we loaded everyone up in the car (well, everyone except Riley and Sammy) and headed off to the Round Rock Dog Park. Mikko was in absolute heaven! 
 We stayed out there for at least an hour and she ran and played with the 8 or so other dogs that were out there. The last thing we thought would happen yesterday was her getting muddy and filthy...well, they had been watering a section of the park and there was mud everywhere! Mikko thought the mud was great - us? Not so much ;)

Will's favorite parts of the dog park experience were seeing the "choo choo" that ran right by the dog park and playing on the dog agility ramp. He wanted walk up and down that thing over and over - it was pretty adorable! He also loved yelling at Mikko and telling her to "come here!" (even though she wasn't listening to anyone at that point, hah!)

Watching the train go by - he was pretty impressed!!  

Mikko hardly moved for the rest of the was definitely worth an hour of our time to bring home an exhausted doggie! We'll definitely be going back!

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