Thursday, July 14, 2011


Remember that job I told you guys about last time I posted? Well, Greg had his interview on Wednesday and he thought it went really well. There were a couple places where he thought he could have done better, but overall he had a really good feeling about it. He left and was told to expect to hear something by the weekend...

...well, he got a call today and was offered the position! I'm so proud of him - it's been a long, exhausting haul for him trying to find a new job. He's incredibly excited about the new opportunity - the company he'll be working for is exactly the kind of environment he wants to be in. It's full of young professionals (he was told that the average age of their employees is 30) who are all incredibly talented and smart. I think he'll fit right in! :) He starts on August 1st and gave his two weeks notice at work today. We went out to Chili's and had a celebratory dinner was fun!

It's so interesting to look back on the past four years and see what God has had in store for us during that time. Times where we were incredibly down and frustrated had their purpose. I truly believe that God was building us up for something in the future. And as much as I got frustrated with Him, I know that His plan is always better than mine!

Congrats, babe! I'm so proud of all your hard work and faithfulness!!

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