Friday, August 26, 2011


I laughed so hard I started crying...boy does that kid make me smile!!

Will (sitting in the high chair eating a Frosty): Oh, look! Das a squirrel outside!
Me: Yes, that's right!
Will: Oh, no Mommy! Das a bug right dere!
Me: No, sweetie, there's no bug.
Will: Yes! Das bug right there mommy!
Me (looking closer at the window, I see a huge horse-fly): Look at that! You're right! There is a bug!
Will: You can smack dat bug.
Me (laughing): Okay, baby. (I grab a fly swatter and finally hit the fly on my umpteenth attempt)
Will: I see dat yucky bug?
Me: Sure. (I scoop it up on the end of the fly swatter and take it over to his highchair. He leans forward to inspect it more closely, and I, being the nice, loving mother that I am jerk the fly swatter toward his face and say, "Rawr!")
Will: (Jerks his face away) No, Mommy! Das disgusting!

I just about died laughing...since when does my two-year-old know how to use "disgusting" correctly in a sentence?!

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