Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday the whole family headed out to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm for some fall fun...we really did have a great time (despite an epic meltdown in the middle by the littlest Johnson) and enjoyed some delicious Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse BBQ afterwards. That cheat meal was delicious!!

Will was *so* not thrilled with the idea of posing in the pumpkins for mom to take a picture. *sigh* This age is so much fun, but it's a little tough too. We're hitting up a local pumpkin patch later this week and I'm going to get a picture of him smiling in the pumpkins if it kills me...power of positive thinking, right? RIGHT?! Well, I hope so ;)
Will absolutely loved the petting zoo at the pumpkin patch. He probably would have spent the entire day feeding the llama if we'd have let him! They had giant hay bales behind us and as soon as he'd finished feeding the llama one handful of hay, he'd say, "Oh, need more hay!" and run to get some more. It was pretty adorable! He also called everything that the animals lived in a instead of a barn, it was a horse house. And instead of a chicken coop, it was a chicken get the idea. No matter how hard we try to correct him, he insists that horses do not live in barns, they live in horse houses! :)

They had a hay ride set up, pulled by a tractor that Will was even more crazy about than the animals. We spent a good chunk of time riding that around their farm. He kept exclaiming, "OH look mommy! It's a GREEN tractor!" He's gotten very good with his colors lately (well, except for purple - he always confuses that one with orange!). He tells us what the color is and then what train it's like from Thomas the Train...for example, "it's green, like Percy!" or "it's red, like James!"

There was the corn maze. And we're just going to skip right over that damn corn maze because we all three just about left the farm in tears at that point ;) I did mention we have a TWO-year-old, right? That should be explanation in itself.

And finally, there was the crazy maze. Will was really good at and he loved it too! Once he figured out that you go one way and have to turn around because it's a "dead end," he started racing down all the paths and made it through the maze really quickly! He ran through that thing at least 5 times and was more than ready for lunch when we left :) All in all, it was a really great day and I'm so happy we drove out there to do the pumpkin patch thing!

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