Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's been a long weekend...we've passed a tummy bug around and it has NOT been fun! Will and I caught it Saturday, Greg caught it Monday, and now it seems like Will might have it again. Boo!! Of course, this all happens on my busiest weekend of the year...because that is the way the universe works. Luckily my clients were all awesome and completely understanding and I have now rescheduled all of my sessions...I'm most definitely booked through November now! :)

Yesterday, Will seemed to be feeling well, so we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a chocolate frosted donut before heading to HEB to do our grocery shopping, came home and ate some Bob the Builder shaped spaghetti for lunch, and then made slime in the afternoon.

I forgot to take into consideration the fact that my two-year-old HATES to be dirty. He hates having anything messy on his hands and wouldn't touch the slime at all. *sigh* I tried bribery to get him to at least touch it, thinking that once he realized it wasn't going to eat him, he'd like it.

He refused. So then I put a little glob of it on his shoulder...again thinking that once he touched it, he'd realize how neat it was to play with...

He was not amused ;) So, finally, I did what any normal mom would do, I plopped a big chunk of it on his head!

That one at least got a smile :)  oh, and a trip to the bathtub!

The slime is super easy to make - 2 parts cornstarch to one part water and a few drops of food coloring. It made a pretty good mess, but it was really fun (well, for me anyway) to play with! Maybe we'll try again in a few years :)

Hope you guys are all healthy and doing well! We will hopefully be rejoining civilization tomorrow...as long as this bug doesn't decide to stick around for Round 2, that is.

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