Friday, October 14, 2011


Things on my mind tonight...

- I have 14 sessions this weekend. FOURTEEN. Who does that to themselves? Me, that's who. I swore to Greg tonight in the car that I'd never, ever, ever book 14 sessions again in a weekend. Who cares if 10 of them are mini sessions...that's still a whole lotta sessions!

- Cardio on no carbs at 10:00 in the morning when you need to eat again at 11:00 SUCKS. Oh my gosh, does it suck so much. I thought I was going to have to crawl out to my car!

- PCS is no joke. I took Will to a Halloween Party/fundraiser where an awesome local photog was taking pictures of all the kiddos in their costumes. I told her Will had a serious case of Photographer's Child Syndrome. She said she was up for the challenge...I think we got a good crying picture ;) At least he had fun with the party activities and the playscape!

- Stinker loves him some Dinosaur Train. I love me some PBS for 30 minutes to clean the kitchen, answer emails, and what have you!

 - I'm not sure having a cheat meal is worth it. We went out for Mexican tonight and I ate a ton of chips and salsa and about 1/2 of the chicken and guacamole from my fajitas. And I feel miserable now. Like I wish I could rewind time and not eat the chips and salsa and have my fish and spinach instead. I think from here on out, my cheat meal each week is going to be more of a small treat - a cookie or a piece of pumpkin body just can't handle it!

- Speaking of diet, this week was a lot easier on me mentally. Maybe I'm getting used to it? Or maybe it's going to be horrible again next week. Who knows! I've also been TIRED lately. Like right's 9pm. I slept until 8am this morning and went to bed at 9pm last night. And I feel like I could sleep for hours. Ashley says the fatigue is normal. Normal or not, it sucks almost as much as my cardio did this morning!

- Matt comes home tonight! Actually, he's probably already here!! I can't tell you how excited I am to see my brother, hopefully workout with him once or twice, and hear all his stories first-hand. You don't realize just how much you love your family until they move across the country (*ahem* and never return your calls *ahem*) ;)

- We still haven't made it to a pumpkin patch, but I'm bound and determined to by the end of next weekend. We can't miss it again this year! We attempted to go with friends on Thursday, but we'll just leave it at that didn't work out so well...instead, we hit up the bouncy house in Cedar Park. And hammed it up for the camera (gasp!) just a tiny bit...

(sorry for the horrid white balance on these. taking photos in a neon colored tunnel with flash is not friendly!)

I'll be back to update in, oh, 5 years. You know, when I crawl out from under the pile of editing that is to be done ;) Kidding...kind of!

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